A physical makeover after pregnancy can help!

After pregnancyAfter pregnancy, the shape of a woman’s body undergoes change. Following the delivery of the child too, the original shape of the body of the mother changes completely. So, reshaping and lifting of the breast and other body parts are required to provide the mother her original body shape. Mummy makeover in Melbourne helps a woman to get back her actual body shape by undergoing various kinds of surgeries at one time. A combination of operations is done by surgeons in only one operation which is known as mummy makeover. There are many advantages and disadvantages of these procedures that are involved in a mummy makeover.

  • Face Lift Surgery

The contour and shape of your lower face, neck and chin can be improved with the help of a face lift surgery. Modern and developed techniques are used nowadays to perform the face lift surgery. A small incision around the ear can help you to get your face lifted. Between 90 minutes to 2 hours are taken by surgeons to complete this surgery. You have to get admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay and you will be discharged the next morning. Very fine nylon sutures are used to suture the small incisions around your ear. The surgeons will remove the sutures after one week of the operation.

  • Blepharoplasty

The eyelid surgery is also known as blepharoplasty. The surgeons remodel the upper eyelid skin and the fat pads so that a more youthful looking upper eyelid can be created. Surgeons infiltrate local anaesthesia into the skin of the upper eyelid to perform this surgery. After the surgery, extremely fine dissolving sutures are used to suture the wounds. Weeks to 10 days are required by patients to recover fully.

  • Breast Reduction

Reducing the size of the breast is involved in a breast reduction surgery. An aesthetic breast shape is still maintained even after the reduction of breast size. The position of the nipple can be corrected and any droop and sag can be lifted at the same time. A noticeable difference to your ability to exercise, capacity to find clothes and reduction of back, neck and shoulder pain will be made by breast reduction surgery. Major changes have occurred in the breast surgery technique over the last one decade. Surgeons perform breast reduction surgery by using smaller incision around the areola and nipple.

  • Fat Transfer

Fat grafting or flat transfer is a new procedure in plastic surgery. The defects around your body like the lips, the face or buttocks can be filled by transferring your own body fat. Aspiring fat by a mild liposuction technique in the operation theatre is involved in the technique of fat transfer. The surgeons then process the fat in a sterile way and divide the fats into small aliquots so that they can inject them into the defected areas. You cannot lift heavy weights or swim in the pool during the postoperative period.

These are some of the procedures of mummy makeover that can be undergone by you to offer your body its original shape and look.

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